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L’Adroit Offshore Patrol Vessel

L'Adroit is a Gowind Class offshore patrol vessel (OPV), which was designed and built by DCNS for the maritime safety and security (MSS) missions of the French Navy.

Vessel Type

Offshore patrol vessel (OPV)


30 + 30 (passengers)






L’Adroit is a Gowind Class offshore patrol vessel (OPV), which was designed and built by DCNS for the maritime safety and security (MSS) missions of the French Navy.

The OPV was launched in May 2011. It was constructed between May 2010 and June 2011 at Toulon naval base in France. It was officially christened in June 2011 and sea trials began in July 2011.

In June 2011, DCNS partnered with Austrian company Schiebel for integrating a Camcopter S-100 unmanned air system (UAS) onboard L’Adroit. The UAS completed trials in August 2011.

The French Navy took delivery of L’Adroit from DCNS in October 2011. The new ship and its advanced equipment and systems will be tested by the French Navy until 2014.

Design of the Gowind Class offshore patrol vessel

"L’Adroit is a Gowind Class offshore patrol vessel (OPV), which was designed and built by DCNS."

L’Adroit was designed by DCNS under a self-funded programme. The design includes a semi-planing steel monohull. The hull was assembled at the Lorient shipyard of DCNS.

The superstructure of the ship has a pyramidal shape with flat geometric panels. It provides shelter for a 5t helicopter and landing facility for a 10t helicopter. It can carry two rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) and also has full provisions for UAV operations.

It can offer covert deployment of fast commando boats within five minutes. The ship is also provided with a helicopter / UAV flight deck.

L’Adroit has an overall length of 87m, beam of 13m and design draught of 3.3m. The full load displacement of the ship is 1,450t. It can complement crew of 30 and has space for 30 passengers. It has an endurance of three weeks and a range of 8,000 nautical miles at a maximum speed of 21kt.

Performance of DCNS’ L’Adroit

L’Adroit can be used for maritime safety and security missions, which include counter-piracy, fisheries surveillance and environmental protection. It can also be used for humanitarian aid, drug interdiction, as well as rescue and search operations.

The vessel is mainly used for conducting maritime surveillance and reconnaissance missions and anti-piracy and anti-smuggling operations. It is capable of providing 220 days of at-sea-availability in a year.

Weapon and armaments onboard the French Navy craft

L’Adroit can be fitted with lethal or non-lethal weapons. The ship is equipped with a 20mm gun on the foredeck. It has an outreach of about 2km and can be operated manually. It is also equipped with two 50 cal. machine guns.

"The French Navy took delivery of L’Adroit from DCNS in October 2011."

Guns raging up to 10km outreach with 76mm remote control range can be fitted to the vessel.

The two side wings of the ship can be equipped with two water guns of 200m outreach each. The wings can also be fitted with small calibre weapons raging between 500m and 1km and long range acoustic devices. The front deck of the ship can host two double surface to surface missile ramps (SSM40).

The ship also features an electronic warfare suite.

The vessel is equipped with Scanter 20 Terma 01 I-Band surface search radar and Sagem EOMS (electro optical multisensor system) NG. It is also equipped with a Sagem SIGMA 40D inertial measurement unit, LinkSrechts Helicopter visual landing aid system and HF/VHF/satellite communications suite. The ship is well equipped with Polaris combat management system.

Countermeasure technology on the L’Adroit OPV

Countermeasures are provided by Thales Altesse and Vigile LW ESM/COMINT system and Lacroix defence and security sylena decoy system. An integrated mast provides 360° radar coverage for responding to asymmetric threats.

L’Adroit is fitted with two Anglo Belgian Corporation V12 diesel engines rated at 5,600kW each at 1,000rpm. The engines are powered by two shaft lines with controllable pitch propellers of combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) propulsion system.

The propulsion system includes water-jets which offer superior manoeuvrability in shallow waters.

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