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Gowind Class Corvette Multi-Mission Combatant

DCNS of France first announced the Gowind family of corvettes in 2006. Since the initial announcement, DCNS has enlarged


35 to 60 crew


15 to 25 passengers

Hull Design

Steel Monohull


85m -105 m (depending on variant)


Naval Group (formerly known as DCNS) of France first announced the Gowind family of corvettes in 2006. Since the initial announcement, Naval Group has enlarged the Gowind family to four corvettes with length from 85m to 105m and displacement from 1,000t to 2,500t.

The Gowind family of corvettes includes the 1,000t Sovereignty Enforcer Gowind control corvette, the 2,000t High Seas Master Gowind presence corvette, the Deterrent Warrior Gowind action corvette, and the 2,000t Multi-Mission Combatant Gowind combat corvette.

The ships of sea-proven steel monohull design accommodate 50 to 75 crew members and passengers and have a maximum speed of 22k to 27k. The Gowind has an endurance of two to three weeks on patrol missions between at-sea replenishment.

The corvette is designed for simplicity and for easy customising to the client navy’s requirements, including local in-country shipbuilding under technology transfer agreements.

Gowind-class orders and deliveries

Naval Group received a €1bn ($1.2bn) contract from Egypt to deliver four Gowind 2500 corvettes in 2014. The contract also includes an option for two additional vessels.

The construction of the first Gowind corvette began in Lorient shipyard in France in 2015. The vessel, christened as ENS Elfateh, was delivered to the Egyptian Navy in September 2017.

The second unit, Port-Said, was launched in Alexandria shipyard in Egypt in September 2018 and the third vessel, ENS El-Moez corvette, was launched in May 2019.

Malaysia placed an order for six Gowind corvettes and the first vessel for the Royal Malaysian Navy was floated by Naval Group’s Malaysian partner, Boustead Naval Shipyards, in August 2017.

In March 2019, Naval Group signed an export contract for the delivery of two Gowind corvettes. The ceremony for the start of machining was held in September 2019 and the vessels will be built at Lorient shipyard for an undisclosed client.

In July 2019, Romania selected Naval Group and Santierul Naval Constanta (SNC) to build four new Gowind corvettes.

Gowind missions

The Gowind corvettes are ocean-capable vessels with capability for emerging missions such as anti-piracy, sea control and denial, combat, counter-terrorism, drug interdiction and anti-smuggling operations, oil and gas platform protection, search and rescue, fisheries protection, environmental protection, and humanitarian support.

"DCNS of France first announced the Gowind family of corvettes in 2006."

The corvettes can be configured with the capability to deploy special forces and accommodate a range of commando equipment. The self-protection level can be selected from remotely controlled guns up to missile systems. The communications suites with satellite communications interface to the customer’s specified maritime surveillance networks.


The ships have high manoeuvrability with excellent sea-keeping capability. The special forces operations capability includes a quick launch and recovery stern-launch system for two rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) or unmanned surface vehicles (USVs).

The aviation capabilities, including automatic decking, enable safe operation of a helicopter and unmanned air vehicles.

Command and control

The vessel’s multi-function radar is installed in the integrated mast. The design of the bridge enables 360° panoramic surveillance. The combat systems are suited to the customer country’s requirements. The communications systems enable tactical information to be shared with other assets and land-based operation centres.

The Gowind’s combat management system, SETIS, is based on the SENIT CMS designed by Naval Group and Thales and incorporates commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) open-system architecture. A wide range of combat systems can be integrated into SETIS, which can be reconfigured to accommodate new and upgraded mission systems through the ship’s operational life.

Gowind-class weapons

The corvettes can be armed with the weapon systems tailored to the customer country’s mission requirements. The weapon systems include water cannons, 12.7mm remotely controlled machine guns, 20mm machine gun, 76mm naval gun on the forward gun deck, anti-ship missiles, ship self-defence system, and electronic warfare suite.


The propulsion is based on a diesel-driven propeller and waterjet system. The Gowind design does not incorporate a conventional funnel, and instead, has a waterline engine exhaust system. The configuration contributes to the ship’s low thermal signature and also enables the 360° vision capability from the bridge.

Gowind control corvette – Sovereignty Enforcer

The 1,000t Gowind control corvette (Sovereignty Enforcer) is designed for patrol and sovereignty enforcement in littoral and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) waters.

The hull length is 85m. The ship is armed with a 76mm cannon and can deploy a high-performance, high-capacity, rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB).

Gowind presence corvette – High Seas Master

The 2,000t Gowind presence corvette (High Seas Master) has a sustained capacity for long-range intervention and long period at sea and can remain at sea for up to three weeks. The corvette is fitted with a helicopter hangar.

Gowind action corvette – Deterrent Warrior

The Gowind action corvette (Deterrent Warrior) is equipped with a suite of anti-air and anti-surface sensors and weapons systems, for example, the VL Mica vertically launched short-range air defence missile system and the Exocet MM40 anti-ship missiles.

Gowind combat corvette – Multi-Mission Combatant

The Gowind combat corvette (Multi-Mission Combatant) is equipped with full-scale mission systems for a multi-threat response, including full anti-submarine warfare (ASW) suite with a towed array sonar. The ship configuration includes improved stealth and survivability features.

The combat corvette is suitable for Nato task group operations.

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