FPB 72 MKII patrol boats are currently operational with the Nigerian Navy, Philippine Coast Guard and Coast Guard of the Republic of Suriname. Credit: OCEA.
The patrol boat can carry a maximum of 12 personnel. Credit: OCEA.
FPB 72 MKII patrol boat has a maximum range of 600nmi at 12k speed. Credit: OCEA.

The FPB 72 MKII is a class of fast patrol boats designed and manufactured by France-based shipbuilding company OCEA.

The patrol boats are designed to serve the maritime patrol requirements of navies and coast guard agencies across the globe.

The FPB 72 MKII patrol boat can be used to perform search-and-rescue (SAR) operations and maritime patrol, control and surveillance of territorial waters, as well as enforcement of laws and treaties at sea.

It is also suitable for undertaking other missions, such as fighting piracy, smuggling, illegal immigration, natural disaster management and illegal fishing.

OCEA offers a range of fast patrol boats, including the FPB 40, FPB 50, FPB 60, FPB 72, FPB 85, FPB 98, FPB 110 and FPB 115.

FPB 72 MKII fast patrol boat orders and deliveries

The Nigerian Navy received three FPB 72 MKII patrol boats in 2012. The vessels were designated as BADAGRY, BOMADI and OKPOKU.

In December 2016, the Nigerian Navy placed an order with OCEA for the delivery of two 24m fast patrol boats. The vessels were built using the pennant numbers P185 and P186, and were named SHIRORO and OSE, respectively. The Nigerian Navy took delivery of the two vessels in September 2017.

The Nigerian Navy received two more patrol boats, GONGOLA (P189) and CALABAR (P190), from OCEA in January 2018.

The Philippine Coast Guard awarded a contract to OCEA for the delivery of four FPB 72 MKII vessels in January 2018. The first vessel, named BORACAY (2401), was launched in April 2018 and delivered in June 2018. The second vessel in the series, PANGLAO (2402), was launched in June 2018 and delivered to the Philippine Coast Guard in July 2018.

The third vessel, designated as MALAMAWI (2403), was launched in July 2018, while the final vessel is expected to be delivered by 2019.

OCEA delivered two FPB 72 MKII vessels, named P101 and P102, to the Coast Guard of the Republic of Suriname in August 2013.

Design and features of the FPB 72 MKII patrol boat

The monohull design of the fast patrol boat offers high durability and superior performance. The hull and superstructure of the vessel are made of aluminium.

The patrol boat has an overall length of 24m and can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

It has enough space on the stern to accommodate a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB), which can be used for the evacuation of crew members during emergency situations. It also features DI09 fire detection panels and Hydra V2 level displays.

Navigation and communication

The large navigation bridge of the ship is equipped with an antenna mast integrating NORMA navigation lights control and alarm monitoring system provided by Marinelec Technologies. The navigation lights can be operated remotely through a control panel.

Propulsion and performance of FPB 72 MKII patrol boat

The FPB 72 MKII is fitted with two 2000 M72 MTU diesel engines, which offer a maximum power output of 2,000kW each. The engines are coupled to fixed pitch propellers. The auxiliary power requirements of the vessel are served by on-board generator sets.

The propulsion system enables the vessel to sail at a maximum speed of 35k and achieve a maximum range of 600nmi at 12k speed.