MANSUP-ER is a surface-to-surface anti-ship missile system designed for land attack and long-range impact operations. Credit: EDGE PJSC Group.
MANSUP-ER has the capability for simultaneous missile attacks. Credit: EDGE PJSC Group.
EDGE Group is supplying the missile systems to the Brazilian Navy under a contract signed in November 2023. Credit: EDGE PJSC Group.

The extended-range National Surface Anti-Ship Missile (MANSUP-ER) is a surface-to-surface anti-ship missile system designed for land attack and long-range impact operations. It is designed to fulfil the defence needs of the UAE Navy and the Brazilian Navy’s Frigate programme and for global export.

The MANSUP missile system is being developed by SIATT, a smart weapons and high-tech systems specialist, in collaboration with the Brazilian Navy under the MANSUP national anti-ship missile project.

EDGE Group, a technology and defence conglomerate based in the UAE, purchased a 50% stake in SIATT in September 2023.

EDGE revealed the sale of the MANSUP-ER system and the short-range MANSUP system to the Brazilian Navy to replace the EXOCET MM40 B1 anti-ship missile system, in a deal valued at about AED6 ($163m) at the Dubai Airshow in November 2023.

The agreement is the first outcome of the collaboration between EDGE and the Brazilian Navy, established through a cooperation pact signed at the LAAD defence exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in April 2023.

The partnership’s focus is the joint development of advanced long-range anti-ship missile technology under the MANSUP project.

EDGE also entered a letter of intent with the UAE Armed Forces to supply the MANSUP-ER as well as the shorter-range version in a deal worth Dh1.1bn ($299m).

The company is currently in talks with several potential customers regarding the long-range surface-to-surface missile.

MANSUP anti-ship missile system development details

SIATT is spearheading the MANSUP missile project, taking charge of the development of guidance, navigation and control systems as well as overseeing the telemetry system. The EZUTE Foundation, a Brazil-based non-profit organisation that provides innovative solutions in technology and management, helped co-ordinate the required work for the MANSUP project.

Brazil’s naval fleet is actively testing the MANSUP missile systems, with plans to adapt them for integration into selected air and land systems in the future.

The Brazilian Navy launched the initial prototype of the MANSUP missile in November 2018 from the Barroso corvette.  The test was aimed at confirming the functioning of all subsystems and the areas of improvement. The second prototype was introduced in March 2019, while the third was introduced in July of the same year.

The Brazilian Navy launched a fourth prototype of the MANSUP missile in September 2022, followed by a fifth in May 2023.

In November 2023 Abu Dhabi Ship Building, part of the EDGE Group, revealed plans to equip its Fast Attack Vessel with the MANSUP surface-to-surface missile. The vessel is set to be unveiled at NAVDEX 2025 and will be the first of its kind in the UAE.

MANSUP-ER antiship missile system features and applications

 The MANSUP-ER system is 5.6m long and weighs approximately one tonne. It has a payload capacity of 150kg, a speed of 954km, a range of 200km and an endurance of 17 minutes. The new missile system is also equipped with a turbomachine turbine.

The forward section of the MANSUP missile includes an onboard altimeter, an active radar seeker, an inertial measurement unit and a forward battery. The telemetry head includes embedded telemetry and a safety and arming unit. The missile’s rear section features actuators, aerodynamic surfaces, rear battery and a launcher ship interface unit.

The missile is also equipped with inertial guidance and flexible 3D waypoints. It is capable of adaptive sea-skimming, unrestricted overland flight, terminal manoeuvres and simultaneous missile attacks.


 The MANSUP system is fitted with the AD40 X-Band auto director radar which is designed to perform target search and tracking, as well as managing electronic countermeasures allowing the missile to home in on jamming signals.

The radar features a digital interface that communicates with the missile control system, receiving configuration data for the target search area and providing feedback on its operational status and the missile’s position in relation to the identified target.

Contractors involved

AVIBRAS, a developer and manufacturer of defence products and services, is providing the propulsion and other systems for the MANSUP project. In June 2018, the company initiated the qualification phase of the MANSUP project and assumed responsibility for supplying the rocket motor, developing the SAU as well as creating components such as wings, gutters and attachment rings, and overseeing the assembly and testing of the prototypes.

Omnisys, a radar and tracking sensors developer, designed the AD40 X-Band auto director radar for the MANSUP missile system.