The Endurance Class Landing Ships Tank (LST) RSS Persistence (209) passes through the Singapore Strait. Image courtesy of jimmyweee.
Port stern view of the Endurance Class Landing Ships Tank (LST) RSS Endeavour.
A Republic of Singapore Navy Chinook helicopter operates near the RSS Endeavour (LST 210) during Pacific Reach 2010. Image courtesy of US Navy, photo by Lt. Lara Bollinger.
A Republic of Singapore Air Force Super Puma helicopter takes off from the flight deck of the RSS Resolution (LST 208). Image courtesy of Lt. Kevin Borden.
RSS Resolution (LST 208) with transport dock ship USS Denver (LPD 9) in the Gulf of Thailand. Image courtesy of MC1 Geronimo C. Aquino.

The Endurance Class Landing Ships Tanks (LSTs) are in service with the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). The ships are designed and built by the Singapore Technologies Marine (ST Marine). Four Endurance Class vessels replaced County Class tank landing ships between 2000 and 2001.

"Endurance Class is powered by two Ruston 16RK 270 diesel engines driving two Kamewa controllable pitch propellers."

The keel for the first ship in class, RSS Endurance (207), was laid at Benoi shipyard in March 1997. The vessel was launched in March 1998 and commissioned in March 2000. RSS Resolution (208) was launched in August 1998 and commissioned in March 2000.

RSS Persistence (209) was launched in March 1999 and commissioned in April 2001. The last ship in class, RSS Endeavour (210), was launched in February 2000 and commissioned into the RSN in April 2001.

In November 2008, ST Marine was awarded an S$200m ($134m) contract by the Royal Thai Navy to deliver one Endurance Class LPD and associated landing craft. The new ship, named HTMS Angthong (LPD-791), was launched in March 2011. It is scheduled to be delivered in the second half of 2012.

The LSTs took part in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in Aceh Province, Indonesia. The ships were also deployed in counter-piracy operations in Gulf of Aden.

Endurance Class design features

The Endurance Class LST is larger in size than its predecessor. It features a twin screw displacement hull integrating bulbous bow. The well-dock has a wide stern ramp for loading and off-loading equipment and troops.

The ship is highly automated to reduce manning. The vital areas of the ship are protected against a certain degree of shock.

The class has an overall length of 141m, beam of 21m and a draught of 5m. The standard displacement of the ship is 6,000t. The vessel can complement a crew of 65.

Endurance Class missions

The Endurance Class is deployed in the transportation of forces during overseas military training and exercises. It acts as a multirole logistics support and command vessel when operating with the navy.

The ship can be used to conduct search and rescue operations and civil disaster relief missions during peace time emergencies.

Cargo capacity

Endurance Class has the capacity to carry up to 18 tanks, 20 vehicles and bulk cargo. The tracked and wheeled vehicles of up to Military Load Class (MLC) 60 can be self driven on to the tank deck through a bow door or ramp.

Boats and landing craft carried include four 13m fast craft equipment and utility (FCEU) and two 25m fast craft utility (FCU) vessels. The ship also provides transportation for 350 troops. It has two 25t deck cranes for loading and unloading of cargo.

Armaments and weaponry

Anti-air defence is provided by the Mistral surface-to-air missiles fired from two simbad twin launchers. Mistral can carry up to 2.95kg of high explosive warhead to a range of 6km.

The main gun is a 76mm Oto Melara super rapid naval gun. It can fire at a rate of 120 rounds a minute to a maximum range of 30km. Five CIS 0.5 MG 12.7mm heavy machine guns are also mounted on the ship.

Navigation and communications onboard the Singapore Navy ships

Endurance Class is equipped with gyro, speed-log, echo-sounder and differential global positioning system. The fully integrated bridge console includes dynamic control systems, a ship control monitoring and management system, electronic chart display information system, surveillance radar and navigation radar.

Aircraft landing spaces

The ship features a large flight deck equipped with aircraft ship integrated secure and traverse (ASIST) system. The flight deck allows day and night operations of two 10t helicopters. Hangar facilities are provided for the embarked helicopters.

Countermeasure technology

The RAFAEL RAN 1101 electronic countermeasures (ECM) system onboard jams and deceives multiple threats.

"Endurance Class Landing Ships Tanks (LSTs) are in service with the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)."

The ship is also equipped with two Marine Shield III 102mm six-fold fixed chaff or decoy launchers.

The Endurance Class is powered by two Ruston 16RK 270 diesel engines driving two Kamewa controllable pitch propellers.

Shipboard power is provided by two 700kW diesel generators.

The propulsion system provides a maximum speed of more than 15kt and range of 5,000nmi.

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