The Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae (CFAC) is located in the province of Kyong Sang Nam Doon on the southeast coast of the Republic of Korea. It is the only naval base of the US in the South Korea.

CFAC is spread over approximately 84 acres of area situated next to the Republic of Korea Naval Base Chinhae.

It maintains and operates facilities in support of US Navy fleet, sailors, marines and their family members engaged in the peacetime missions, deployments and contingency operations.

CFAC base history

The history of CFAC dates back to 1946 when the US Naval Advisory Group was established in Korea. The command was re-designated as the first Fleet Detachment, Naval Station, JUSMAG-K in July 1969.

It was reorganised and renamed as the Chinhae Facility in 1972.

The US Naval Forces Korea and Fleet Detachment, Naval Station, JUSMAG-K were separated to form a new tenant command. The new command was renamed as Field Logistics Centre, Chinhae in 1972. The facility was regrouped as Commander, US Naval Forces, Korea Detachment, Chinhae in 1978.

CFAC was set as a tenant organisation with the Commander, US Naval Forces, Detachment Chinhae after reorganisation in 1984. The US Navy and ROKN signed a land partnership plan in 2002. The plan was amended in 2004. The NAVCOMM Detachment Chinhae was established at the base in October 1995.

Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae base operations

"It is the only naval base of the US in the South Korea."

CFAC is home to a base population of more than 400 personnel, including 150 active duty members, 100 family members, 155 Korean employees and 12 Department of Defence (DoD) civilians.

The base acts as an effective instrument of US foreign policy by implementing programmes to promote positive relations between the command and the allied forces.

It also assists the individual navy personnel to work effectively for achieving common goals.

Garrison facilities at the South Korean US Navy base

Berthing facilities for the US Navy and Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) ships are located at the Port of Chinhae. ROKN controls the access to the port facilities. The USN and ROKN vessels and submarines access specific piers within the port.

The port can accommodate larger naval ships with drafts of up to 7.9m. The US Navy visiting ships are normally berthed at pier 11. The US Navy destroyers use berths one or two, while mine countermeasure vessels use berths three or four.

Submarines are usually moored at berth 22 or 23 on the Somo Do Piers. Somo Do can house all types of ships.

The New Ammo Pier situated at Taeil-Mal accommodates MSC (military sealift command) vessels. The pier has two berthing spaces. The Yokohama fenders and rubber fenders are available for ships and submarines. The US Navy and MSC vessels will not use drydocks in the harbour.

Other base facilities and services at naval base Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae

The base offers 50 family housing units for military personnel. Bachelor housing units are provided for single service members. These housing units are located in the centre of the base and are quickly accessible from most of the facilities.

"The base acts as an effective instrument of US foreign policy."

Fleet Readiness division also offers the navy gateway inns and suites which were previously known as the visitors quarters (VQ).

Other MWR (morale, welfare and recreation) lodging services at the base include campsites, hotels, ashore galleys, cabins and cottages.

The Fleet Readiness division conducts MWR programmes and services.

The programmes offered include fitness and sports, deployed support, the navy motion picture service, marinas and outdoor recreation, the single sailor or liberty programme and navy entertainment.

The base has several playgrounds within the housing areas. Other facilities include child development centres, a youth centre, picnic areas, gym, bowling centre, golf course, commissary, exchange, chapel, library and schools. All these facilities are located within a close distance to the base housing.

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