Austal MRV 80 Multirole Vessel

Multirole vessel (MRV 80) is a long range, high speed patrol ship being developed by Austal. The ship can be deployed in exclusive economic zone (EEZ) border patrol, command and control, hydrographic surveys, surveillance, search and rescue, force transportation, amphibious operations and humanitarian support missions.

The compact and low cost platform will meet the requirements of the world’s navies to maintain peace and stability in their respective coastal zones.

The ship supports the special forces deployed in offshore and littoral war environments, long range counter-terrorism and counter piracy operations. It will also be used as a theatre hospital, at sea replenishment and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) platform.

Austal MRV 80 is the reconfigurable platform featuring packaged mission modules. The ship can be reconfigured according to the mission requirements. The MRV will take the load off of major surface combatants by offering increased capability.

The Royal Australian Navy plans to replace its existing patrol boats, minehunters and hydrographic vessels with 20 multirole vessels.

MRV 80 trimaran design and features

"The Royal Australian Navy plans to replace existing patrol boats, minehunters and hydrographic vessels with 20 multirole vessels."

The multirole vessel incorporates a trimaran hull made from aluminium alloy. The flexible design uses Austal’s patented trimaran technology, delivering fuel efficiency and improved passenger comfort.

The unique trimaran design comprises three hulls, including one long slender hull in the centre and two side supporting hulls. The three-hulled configuration delivers higher performance than the traditional high speed boat, employing either catamaran (two-hulls) or monohull (one hull) designs.

This trimaran hull arrangement provides good sea keeping and space for inserting the modules of weapons and sensors. Proven in both commercial and defence operation, the trimaran offers high speeds and slower roll.

The ship can maintain higher speeds in waves and provide greater comfort for passengers and crew when in the same sea conditions. The onboard open architecture systems network provides interoperability to the users.

The multirole vessel will have an overall length of 80m, moulded beam of 21.1m, moulded depth of 6.7m and a hull draft of 3.2m. The dead-weight of the vessel is 400t. The ship can complement a crew of 35.

Multirole vessel cargo capacity

The multirole vessel features three decks.

"Austal MRV 80 is the reconfigurable platform featuring packaged mission modules."

The mission / logistics deck provides 500m² of area at a clear height of 4m. The deck can accommodate cargo, equipment and military vehicles.

The personnel deck provides personnel seating and 87 berths for accommodation of passengers. The ship provides facilities to recover and launch small boats.

The flight deck located at the aft side offers a deck area of 290m². The flight deck can support the operations of an NH-90 or similar type of medium sized helicopter.

The NH-90 can lift 20 troops or 4,000kg of cargo externally under slung. Hangar facility is provided for embarked helicopter.

Armaments and propulsion of Austal’s MRV 80 multirole vessel

The main gun fitted forward will be a 25mm stabilised naval gun. The gun can protect the hostile ship from small, fast and agile surface threats.

The ship will also be provided with gun mounts for four .50 calibre general purpose machine guns.

The multirole vessel will be powered by three MTU 20V 4000 diesel engines driving three fixed pitch propellers. Each engine will deliver a power an output of 4,300kW at 2,170rpm.

The propulsion system will provide a maximum speed of 26kt and a range of 4,500nm at 12kt. The ship will have an endurance of 28 days.

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