Stern tube bearings

For more than 50 years, TENMAT have been manufacturing advanced composite materials for the marine market and supplying more than 8,000 vessels with high-quality FEROFORM and RAILKO bearings on both commercial and military vessels operating in the most adverse environments and giving excellent performance.

TENMAT composite bearings are approved by the major classification societies for use in stern tube, propeller shaft and bracket bearings.

FEROFORM and RAILKO bearings work with any type of water, run with smaller clearances than elastomeric bearings, are dimensionally and thermally more stable, and have superior wear resistance. Independent tests confirm that TENMAT materials have a significantly better wear resistance than elastomeric and polyester / polyester bearing materials from our major competitors.

Therefore ship owners are provided with up to four times longer service life and lower operating costs.

TENMAT is the trusted supplier to major navies worldwide. More than 35 navies specify FEROFORM and RAILKO for safety critical applications where their excellent performance, in abrasive conditions, offer the best combination of durability, low friction and low wear rates in the marketplace.

Key benefits include:

  • Market-leading wear performance versus competitor materials
  • Water quality package not required
  • Excellent stability, low water swell
  • Low friction, low stick slip
  • Low noise
  • Allows higher vessel speeds
  • Low break out torque
  • Shaft friendly
  • Accepts misalignment