Stabilisers and submarines

TENMAT RAILKO NF and FEROFORM T grades are approved and specified by navies worldwide for propeller shaft and rudder bearings in submarines. The industry leading materials offer reduced stick slip, improved fuel efficiency, lower vibration and reduced wear.

TENMAT marine bearings have been specified and used as water-lubricated stern tube bearings in more than 120 submarines and proven themselves over the past three decades, from the Arctic to the Tropics.

TENMAT marine bearings are made out of a hard wearing material that outlives rubber and thermoplastic bearings alike and is ideal for arduous applications, even in sediment rich waters.

Benefits of FEROFORM and RAILKO marine grades vital to submarines include reduced noise, stick slip and shaft wear.

FEROFORM and RAILKO composite materials are approved and used by navies for propeller shaft and rudder bearings in submarines where reliable bearing operation is vital.

The low friction and low stick-slip of TENMAT composites give a low noise signature that is ideal for stealth operation. Their reinforced matrix structure, using high-quality engineering fibres, anti-scuffing resins and integral lubricants, successfully absorbs shocks and vibrations. This yields significant reductions in noise and enhances bearing life, even in estuarine waters.

TENMAT marine bearings have been specified and installed in more than 120 submarines for deployment worldwide.

TENMAT materials are suitable for use in stern tubes, propellers, impulsors, rudder, dive plain, tiller bearings, snort masts, aerials, antenna hinge points, snort masts and periscope bearings, steering gear bearings, retractable bollards, capstans, winches, torpedo tube door bearings and main hatch bearings.

Key benefits include:

  • Noise free (stealth operation)
  • Low bearing and shaft wear
  • Low friction
  • No stick slip at low speeds
  • Ability to run dry and wet
  • Higher vessel speeds
  • Works with gun metal
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Low break-out torque