The SOCILSUB design is based on the most powerful electronics today.

This allows the incorporation of new and advanced signal processing algorithms to improve the sonar directivity, detection range and audio quality, as well as keeping the same cylindrical array in the bow of the submarine in order to save money and decrease the complexity of the system installation on board.

SOCILSUB can provide contact surveillance, detection and tracking from the hydrophones of any cylindrical wet end and can be integrated in any combat system.

Main features:

  • Broad band (BB), narrow band (NB), NB multi low-frequency array for radio astronomy (LOFAR) and BB / NB events
  • LOFAR, magnified zoom and DEMON analysis
  • BB / NB tracking in automatic and predictive mode
  • Audio with automatic and manual tracking beams
  • BB contact signal recording and reproduction for training
  • Wet end test by audio, video and BITE with hydrophone cancellation
  • Integration with the navigation system
  • On-board training capabilities

Human media interaction (HMI) SOCILSUB is an open architecture system which fulfils the commercial standards.
It is designed with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) elements, and offers a high-versatility, low-cost lifecycle and has a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The system can be adapted to work with the majority of cylindrical array sonars currently installed in submarines worldwide.