SAES simulators allow individual specific training or simulation of joint missions among various navies. It is possible to recreate any situation or scenario. SAES also develops interface simulators and functional simulators of equipment and systems to be used in the development, integration and validation of projects before all the equipment required for them is available.

SIM /STIM – Sonar Simulator/Stimulator: SIM/STIM can recreate any scenario, generating in real-time the same raw signal that would receive the actual sonar, allowing the development, testing and integration of the underwater sound signal processing of the platform before the actual physical antennas and sonar equipment are available.

Submarine Tactical Simulators: SAES has developed two submarine tactical simulators for the Spanish Navy: the SATS, for S-70 submarines, and the SIMTAC (developed in collaboration with Navantia and Indra) for the new S-80 submarines.

Naval Tactical Simulator: SAES has designed a Naval Tactical Simulator oriented to ASW, MW, ASUW and AAW. This simulator enables training in Sonar, C4 and Communications areas individually or through games where all the indicated areas are integrated and the staff involved, the areas and the aim are configurable depending on the needs at every moment.

TAT – Tactical Acoustic Trainer is a real-time Training System in order to train to the acoustic operators in the ASW missions. TAT system is the perfect tool that provides to the operator a complete training improving their operational skills for the ASW missions.

EDM – Environmental Development Model. A Testing System that emulate/simulate the complete Acoustic Subsystem main functionalities and interfaces. The EDM can incorporate real or simulated equipment.

Mine Hunting Training System: SAES has developed and integrated Sonars and ROV simulators for Mine Hunting Training System of the Spanish Navy, providing integration and interfacing with the combat system of the ship in a simulated environment.