SIDIS is a high-performance multi-sensor system directed to detect, track and classify underwater intruders in maritime areas to be protected. SIDIS provides additional capabilities of reaction and deterrence against threats.

SIDIS is a modular system and easily adaptable to specific operational environments and requirements based on the selection of the most appropriate sensors, in addition SIDIS can be integrated with other sensors and surveillance systems to configure wider control systems.

Elements that make up part of the standalone SIDIS system are:

  • Underwater unit: composed by active and passive sonars, electric field sensors, magnetic sensors, underwater cameras, sensorized net, oceanic sensors and acoustic projector
  • Aerial unit: composed by the aerial acoustic projector, radar and night-vision cameras
  • Intermediate unit: in charge of providing power supply to the underwater unit and controlling the wireless or ethernet-based communications between the underwater / aerial unit and the surface unit
  • Surface unit: In charge of processing the signals coming from the underwater and aerial units and of their post-processing to detect, track and generate alarms of the presence of contacts in the coverage area. It is also in charge of managing the operator commands and providing the graphical output. This unit can be integrated into a security center or to perform in a stand-alone way

The SIDIS design is based on a layer protection concept to increase its degree of effectiveness.

Other products include:

  • DDS-03
  • UDS – Underwater Deterrent System.

Furthermore, SIDIS includes reaction capabilities, as deterrent system, designed to warn off’ unauthorised divers that they are in a protected area and if needed to emit dissuasive acoustic signals.