SICLA is a highly versatile system that can be adapted to any hardware and software configuration.

It can be integrated into any combat system, PC or laptop, and can be connected to any acoustic device such as sonars, sonobuoys and recorders.

SICLA is a powerful tool that allows the operator to obtain the target classification and identification in a fast and precise way by means of the multiple and simultaneous contact analysis, graphic tools, and an acoustic intelligence database (ACINT).

The system allows digital recording of the acquired signals to perform board or ashore post-analysis and using them for ACINT, as well as real-time and delayed-time analysis and classification.

Main Features:

  • Contact Analysis in real and differed. LOFAR, ZOOM, DEMON, SPECTRO and AUDIO analysis are provided, with high-frequency resolutions and various playbacks speeds
  • Contact hypothesis generation also creates an imaginary contact using the multiples noise sources parameters of the propeller, diesel motor, alternating current (AC), auxiliaries, turbines, gear box, and electric motor
  • ACINT and operator database to make queries and to compare and match the analysed contact
  • Hypothesis verification to compare and match the parameters of previously analysed contact to database.