Passive sonar systems are able to detect submarines and ships based on their radiated noise. DSIT’s Portable Acoustic Range (PAR) accurately measures this radiated noise, thereby enabling navies and shipyards to record the acoustic signatures of their own vessels and monitor and control their noise.

DSIT’s PAR system provides an end-to-end solution to acoustic ranging. The PAR continuously tracks the measured submarine/ship and records its noise. It then transmits the data wirelessly to a remote control unit located on board a Measurement Ship. This unit supports real time radiated noise processing, analysis and display.

The PAR system includes a comprehensive platform database for management of the measurement results. The PAR also provides playback and post analysis capabilities.

The PAR exible design supports rapid deployment at any sea location and water depth and saves the maintenance costs involved in operating a xed acoustic range. The PAR is available in both free drifting and moored congurations. DSIT’s Portable Acoustic Range system is the cost-eective solution for measuring the radiated noise of all naval platforms. The system is already in operation by four navies and shipyards.