Personal CO2 scrubbers

Personal CO2 scrubbers have CO2 control in manned confinements as required for the crew’s health and safety.
They also absorp CO2 from exhaled air by lithium hydroxide (LiOH), benefit more than conventional absorbers (e.g. soda-lime) with regards to weight and volume, and have more than 20 years of successful and safe operations of LiOH scrubber systems for
space flight and submarine applications.

Main features:

  • Exhalation through cartridge via mask, which can be adapted for customised application
  • One set featuring a half mask with flexible tubing and a cartridge double pack
  • Dimensions of Ø150mm / length 200mm per double pack
  • Weight of 2.2kg per double pack
  • Capacity of 200ltr CO2 per double pack minimum
  • Shelf-life of two years
  • Main applications are for underwater rescue and space