Own noise monitoring systems (ONMS) provide automatic alarms and noise cancellation data for the sonar suite of a ship, thanks to the full integration into the combat system.

ONMS also aids the operator to the ship maintenance by controlling the main source noises of the own ship.

It measures vibration and noise of the platform (surface ship or submarines) and when the levels exceed a threshold (set by operator), sends noise or vibration alarms automatically to the combat system.

It also provides information to the sonar suite in order to the own noise cancellation, and can provide cavitation alarms in case of a submarine.

ONMS allows analysis on a specific sensor to support the operator to evaluate the noise source and control status.

It can work stand-alone or integrated with the combat system, either in a dedicated console (locally or remotely operated) or adapted to a multi-function console of the combat system.

Main Features:

  • Continuous and simultaneous monitoring in all the sensors, distributed strategically to measure vibration and noise sources of the ship
  • Broadband, narrowband and DEMON analysis
  • Adaptable to any type of submarines or surface ships
  • Easy integration with the combat system
  • Small size, easily integrated into the platform
  • Expandable system
  • High-processing capacity and intuitive user interface
  • Successfully tested against shock and vibrations, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental standard test.

The Vibration and Noise Monitoring System (CRV) version is specifically designed to measure the hull vibrations and own radiated noise designed to be used in surface ships.

CRV allows for the mechanical condition of machinery to be checked, predicting possible faults and testing the effectiveness of their isolation.
It is therefore a powerful tool not only in the estimation of changes in own ship noise and cavitation of the propellers, but also on the changes related to the radiated noise to the outside and therefore its acoustic signature.