Vard Marine (VARD) provides offshore patrol vessel (OPV) construction services, which include implementing various operational features for navies, coast guards and maritime security agencies globally.

Ranging in size from 25m to 125m, the OPVs operate in harsh coastal and offshore environments from the tropics to polar waters.

Traditionally, patrol vessels were designed to the same military standards as surface combatants. This approach resulted in higher shipyard and equipment costs, as well as stricter system requirements.

As a result, OPVs were unnecessarily expensive and often unsuited to their intended function.

VARD offers a different approach. The company designs its offshore patrol vessels to high-quality commercial standards and fit the vessels with a weapons system, as required.

VARD operates to simplify the design, procurement and construction phases to produce an exceptional product.

By taking this approach, the company eliminates unnecessary expenses for OPVs that have a primary purpose of surveillance and security rather than frontline combat.

This ‘fit for purpose’ approach offers the best solution for the budget and expectations of this vessel class. In this way, VARD can deliver a ship that is rugged, reliable and capable of sustained periods at sea.

The company’s experienced teams work closely with clients, using sophisticated in-house software tools and extensive database to define the vessel’s characteristics that meet client requirements.

VARD reduces costs by designing commercially available good quality equipment and improving crew well-being and performance effectiveness.

This is achieved by reducing ship motions, decreasing noise and vibration levels, providing comfortable accommodations and applying human-factors engineering.

Also, VARD’s designs include the weapons systems that meet the requirements of patrol vessels.

Naval architecture supplier offers continual support to clients, including concept development, sea trials and the patrol vessel delivery.

Also, VARD provides shipyards with a design-and-build package, including detailed design, material data and complete equipment packages.

If needed, the company can also assist clients in securing financing. VARD’s partner and parent company Fincantieri offers post-delivery training, logistics support and fleet maintenance.