MARIN, as an independent research institute, provides solutions for all hydrodynamic related issues in any stage of naval vessel design or navy vessel operation. We use our hydrodynamic experience to identify risks related to hydrodynamic and nautical aspects, already in an early design stage. This ensures that naval vessel design will comply with different requirements:

  • Feasibility to sail at the required speed: MARIN can provide a speed-power prediction in an early design stage based upon comparison with model test and full-scale performance data of similar vessels
  • Feasibility to sail a certain range, fuel consumption and bunker capacity. MARIN can support with hull lines optimisation, propulsion and appendage arrangement optimisation, etc. using state-of-the-art CFD tools – minimising fuel consumption at cruise speed while still being able to sail design speed
  • Will the naval vessel be able to steer properly? MARIN can perform manoeuvring analysis, checking on IMO regulations and other missions based operational demands such as Transit and Patrol, Harbour Manoeuvring, Replenishment at Sea – for which turning, track keeping, stopping and crabbing abilities are required. MARIN employs several engineering based simulation tools being validated with similar vessels tested
  • Is the naval vessel able to operate under severe conditions? MARIN can provide seakeeping analysis, checking on dynamic stability, survivability and operational requirements (e.g. launch and recovery) in a high sea-state using specific prediction tools, such a FREDYN (developed with and for navies). MARIN can investigate service performance (or performance requirements) for missions and routes using validated scenario and engineering based simulation tools
  • How can risks be identified and reduced before starting building the naval vessel? MARIN can provide answers through simulations and model testing with regard to performance, cavitation, noise and vibration, manoeuvring and seakeeping – including analysis of results and advice on how to improve the design and avoid risks

MARIN offers tailor-made services for your specific naval vessel. We have wide experience in evaluating the performance and behaviour of fast patrol vessels and testing fast mono hull vessels. In the last decade we have investigated more than 60 navy vessel designs for customers worldwide. This includes both calculations and model testing.