The Multi-influence naval mines MINEA are the most advanced naval mines made at the moment.

MINEA different types adapt to different scenarios:

  • Moored mines for deepwaters
  • Cylindrical bottom mine general purpose mine for discrete SS launching
  • Conical shape mine is a low profile bottom mine for shallow waters

The three mine types have common electronics and performance.

MINEA Moored Mine is equipped with sensors for the detection and processing of the magnetic, electric, pressure and acoustic signatures, comprising:

  • Magnetic sensor
  • Electric sensor
  • Acoustic sensor
  • Sonar detector
  • Pressure sensor
  • Seismic sensor in cylindrical and conic shape mines

Moreover, MINEA electronics and sensors may be configured by a control unit.

The mines can be optionally fitted with anechoic coverings to reduce their sonar target strength.

Training and exercise units

Training version are available for multiples uses as exercise and SIGINT. The MINEA exercise version mines have the following main features:

  • Multi-influence ignature acquisition for analysis and gathering knowledge for programing of live mine version
  • Exercise Events Recording and retrieve of the complete exercise for analysis
  • Recovery System included, does not use pyrotechnics or pressure bottles, no special procedures required nor divers operation for mine recovering
  • Similar Operative Modes to live combat version, same shape and dimensions