The high specialisation and experience in underwater acoustics allows SAES to offer systems and technical and technological support for the construction or updating of minehunters.

CRV: vibration and own noise monitoring system

CRV is a system to monitor in real -time the hull vibrations and other sound sources of ship (machinery, thrusters, cavitation of propellers, etc). Designed to be used in surface ships, CRV is installed in the last generation of Minehunters. CRV gives the alarm if the silence condition changes.

PCS: sonar performance prediction system

The PCS system, based on SEAPROF system validated by NURC (Nato Undersea Research Centre), performs predictions of range, probability of detection, width and depth recommended for deployed VDS sonar, based on environmental conditions, seabed features and sonar and target parameters.

Mine hunting training system

SAES developed and integrated Sonars and ROV simulators (SIM_SON_ROV) for Mine Hunter Training System of the Spanish Navy (SACAZ), providing integration and interfacing with the Combat System of the ship in a simulated environment.

Experience in ROVs installation and integration

Our company was responsible for incorporating the Pluto Plus ROV vehicles for the Spanish Navy minehunters, including the complete ROV assembly, installation, integration, setting to work and maintenance.

Launching system of minesniper vehicle

SAES has designed and manufactured the minesniper launching system of Spanish minehunters.

ATS: acoustic tracking system

Integration, supply and maintenance of the acoustic positioning and tracking systems on underwater systems: Variable Depth Sonar, ROV, minesniper and Exercise Mines.