MARIN, as an independent research institute, can provide answers in any phase of your naval vessel design or operation regarding all hydrodynamic related issues. Our hydrodynamic experience can be used to solve problems of identified risks related to hydrodynamic aspects during designing, delivery, trials, taking into service and operating your naval vessel, such as:

  • Does the naval vessel sail at the required speed? MARIN provides an independent measurement and analysis with state of the art tools to derive the speed at contract and EEDI condition compliant with IMO.
  • Does the naval vessel really manoeuvre properly? MARIN provides an independent measurement and analysis to check compliance with contract or with IMO.
  • Where does the noise and vibration come from? MARIN perform noise and vibrations measurement and analysis in accordance with ISO. Cavitation observation with dedicated boroscopic cameras through a minimum hull puncture can be done. Analysis and results are given with practical advice for improvement on hull, appendages or propeller.
  • Are you concerned about structural fatigue and life time issues? MARIN can provide unique measurement techniques for fatigue surveillance. In order to determine the lifetime during the operational stage, an advisory hull monitoring system (AHMS) can be installed on board the ship. It provides reasons for potential deviation of the actual fatigue consumption from design predictions and translates the monitoring data into operational guidance and advices in an easily understandable format.

Our services are offered tailor made according to your specific naval vessel. MARIN has a considerable track record in evaluating performance and behaviour of naval vessels.