MARIN, as an independent research institute, can provide answers in any phase of your naval vessel design or operation regarding all hydrodynamic related issues. Our hydrodynamic experience can be used to identify risks related to hydrodynamic and nautical aspects in an early phase of the design assure your naval subsurface vessel/submarine design will comply with requirements, such as:

  • Unsure about the optimal hull form of the submarine? MARIN provides CFD calculations for your hull design to check on relevant vortex details induced by e.g. sail planes, which may affect not just the resistance, but also the wake flow.
  • Is the submarine going to obtain its required range? In a special model test our staff check the resistance and propulsion properties as well as below as surface can be determined and verified.
  • Is the submarine going to manoeuvre properly in deep sea and brown water? MARIN employs its own submarine model, which can quickly be adapted to your special hull geometry. With this model not only can standard manoeuvring tests can be checked, but also special issues can be checked, e.g. brown water. From these tests, operation manuals can be deduced or improved.
  • Is the crew ready to perform their task? MARIN can set up training for special conditions and simulate the submarine operation in a complex environment.
  • How can risks be identified and reduced before starting building the subsurface vessel? MARIN can provide answers through simulations and model test on performance, cavitation, noise, vibration, manoeuvring and seakeeping, including analysis of the results and advising, how to improve the design and avoid risks.

Our services can create tailormade products according to your specific submarine vessel. MARIN has a considerable track record in evaluating performance and behaviour of submarines and carrying out tests with subsurface vessels. In the last decade we investigated submarine design and behaviour not only for the Dutch defence but also worldwide. This includes both calculations and model testing.