MILA is a smart limpet mine that incorporates a detonation system controlled by a computer. It can be attached to the hull by frogmen or be used as a demolition charge as well. Its conical shape and low weight in water provides the mine with a low hydrodynamic resistance, apart from being easy to carry by divers.

MILA is available in Exercise and Combat versions. The Exercise Mine MILA is identical to the combat mine in shape, size, weight and operating mode, but reusable and inert.

MILA has been successfully tested against environmental test and performed extensive sea trials with excellent results in detonation tests against steel target of 12mm, 24mm and 36mm.

Underwater fixing system

The SAES Underwater Fixing System is a nail-shooter tool, which has a small size, and is portable, made of stainless steel, and designed for underwater use with the aim of fixing surfaces in under water conditions by using nails. The tool can also be used in dry conditions.

Different point-end can be adapted to be used in any surface.