STADT LEAN Drive is a patented solution for start and control of big electrical motor loads for the naval industry. The drive was specifically developed for marine propulsion systems, where it can be used on any propeller with controllable pitch.


Our technology is extremely scalable, available in any voltage, configuration and for all vessel types without the use of transformers.

STADT LEAN Drive features:

  • 220V – 15kV
  • 100kW – 30MW per motor
  • Stealth execution for naval


STADT LEAN Drive has many unique features compared to traditional electric propulsion systems. These are:

  • No loss when in bypass
  • No THD when in bypass
  • No EMI when in bypass
  • No PWM when in bypass
  • Sinus voltage and current
  • Less complexity
  • Lower weight and less space
  • Increased lifetime of the drive
  • Increased redundancy in drive
  • Air-cooled drive
  • Scalable in power
  • Scalable in voltage

STADT LEAN Drive functions are a result of using a combination of a multi-speed motor, transistors (VFD), thyristors (RVS) and circuit breakers (BP) together with a controllable pitch propeller (CPP), where we use the different technologies in sequence.

With the STADT LEAN Drive, we offer a robust and reliable drive system that reduces the dependence of critical components and increases the redundancy. The drive is designed featuring:

  • Main propulsion
  • Tunnel thrusters
  • Retractable thrusters
  • Compressors
  • Pumps