Highly mobile and manoeuvrable, the L-CAT® Ship-to-Shore high-speed sea connector ensures the rapid projection of tactical units during amphibious operations conducted from NATO well decks.

Ready for amphibious operations, the L-CAT® ship-to-shore interfaces with the other CNIM landing crafts, the LCA and LCX.

Features include:

  • High speed – 30k
  • High payload – 80t
  • Very shallow water operations

The L-CAT® is an innovative, fast catamaran landing craft developed by CNIM to meet the needs of the modern amphibious forces. It can conduct shore-to-shore missions or deploy from the well deck of LHD and LPD amphibious ships. A total of four L-CAT® systems have been delivered to the French Navy in 2011 and 2012 under the name of EDA-R. Two additional amphibious connectors are now in service in the Egyptian Navy.

The first one is operated from the Gamal Abdel Nasser Mistral-class amphibious ship since 1 June 2016. The second one is operated from the Anouar el Sadate. This L-CAT® was delivered in the same year, only two months later, on 14 September.

The two L-CAT’s have been accepted without reservation by the Egyptian navy. The crews have been trained by CNIM at Saint-Nazaire (France). Their main aim is to land the men and equipment from the two projection and command vessels.

Main characteristics 

Length / width: 30 m / 12 m

Draft at full load: 1m

Speed at full load / light ship: 18k / 30k

Normal / Maximum payload: 80t / 100 t

Platform area: 127m²

Range: 500nm

Sea state: 5

Weapons: 2 x 12.7 + 2 x 7.62