iOra Epsilon is the iOra patented compression engine that is the core component of all iOra replication configurations. The world-leading cross-file compression technology ensures that data replication over the network is highly efficient.

iOra Epsilon ensures that the amount of information that users need to download is minimized without compromising on functionality. Due to its specialised download ability iOra Epsilon crawls only for changes within any form of documentation. The compression then further condenses only the changed information so that the duration of network connections is also significantly reduced. This significantly reduces the cost of remote connection. When this is multiplied across the hundreds of users and over a whole year, the impact is considerable. On a slow network this data deduplication translates to over 100 times faster transfers.

Compression of updates is particularly important where the network connection is challenging or where the end user is operating at the edge of the corporate network. iOra Epsilon compresses data by up to 99.9%.