Deep Trekker’s remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) offer extreme mobility and stabilisation control during underwater inspections.

DTG3 ROV and REVOLUTION ROV are powered by the newest technology platform BRIDGE that is fully functional even in the most challenging operating conditions. The technology delivers reliable, stable and intuitive controls.

Improved software intelligence enhances the operator’s experience with easy-to-use controls, auto-stabilisation, wireless connectivity and augmented recording capabilities. BRIDGE provides the most innovative solution to our customers.

DTG3 and REVOLUTION ROV offers an enhanced viewing experience. The live 4K resolution video records directly to the waterproof handheld controller and its 7in screen displays the clearest view of underwater inspections.

The improved interface enables simultaneous viewing of sonar data, GPS and live-video without the need for external control consoles.

Integrated with the driving force of BRIDGE, both units provide advanced stability in underwater environments. Equipped with automated station holding, the DTG3 ROV camera is capable of rotating 270° for situational awareness.

Topside power and generators are not required to operate the ROVs. With internal batteries and integrated equipment, Deep Trekker ROVs are the only truly portable systems on the market and can be deployed within seconds.

DTG3 ROV and REVOLUTION ROV are already assembled, fully tested and ready to be used. Both units contain a battery that enables the device to perform operations for up to eight hours without being charged.

12.8in-wide DTG3 ROV features a hybrid power cable and die-cast aluminium body.


The unit’s camera rotates 260°. REVOLUTION ROV is an expeditionary system that can be deployed within one minute and is ideal for mission-ready situations.

The unit is 17.3in-wide and weighs 57lb (26kg). For more detailed product specifications refer to the attached brochures.