The DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler is designed with portability in mind.

It enables operators to conduct storm and wastewater inspections without using topside power.

Fitted in one compact carrying case, the cutting-edge system can be deployed without generators or power supply onsite. With an easy to use controller, it is the only battery-operated CCTV pipe crawler of its kind.

The battery-operated unit provides plenty of power to inspect the pipe for hours and is very mobile since a generator or van is not necessary to transport the unit.

The DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler is constructed with anodised die-cast aluminium, stainless steel and a sapphire glass camera lens.

The unit is built to withstand daily sewer and stormwater pipe inspections.

The crawler can be equipped with various wheel options and tracks so that the user can customise the camera for a specific project.

The DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler is already assembled, fully tested and ready to be used.

DT320 general specifications

  • Width: 123mm (5in)
  • Height: 87mm (4in)
  • Length: 440mm-630mm (17in-25in)
  • Weight: 11kg (25lb)
  • Depth rating: 50m (124ft)
  • Body material: stainless steel, aluminium
  • Window: sapphire glass lens cover wiper

For more detailed product specifications refer to the attached brochure.