Deck equipment

TENMAT FEROFORM and RAILKO composite marine bearings are self-lubricating and can be used for replacing metallic bearings.

TENMAT bearings are approved by major classification societies, survive the harshest environments and provide long life and excellent performance in safety critical applications.

TENMAT materials are also suitable for use in lifeboat release bearings, anchor chain guide bushes, stern and stinger rollers bushes, hatch cover pads, davit, sheave and winch bushes, and cylinder rod end bushes.

TENMAT non-metallic materials will not seize or pressure weld and are capable of running dry, therefore providing a maintenance-free solution, as well as water, being oil or grease lubricated.

Key benefits include:

  • Non-metallic: no galvanic corrosion
  • Self-lubricating
  • No seizures
  • High wear and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent stability: low thermal expansion and water swell
  • Low stick slip
  • Accepts misalignment
  • Maintenance and grease free