Engineered pump rebuilding

Since 1969, Hydro has built its worldwide pump service organisation by bringing a high level of engineering expertise and quality service to the pump aftermarket. Hydro Australia works with customers to evaluate and understand the root causes of pump degradation or failure and to provide unbiased engineering analysis, quality workmanship and responsive field service for improved plant operation.

Certified service centre

Hydro Australia has always been committed to quality and occupational health and safety. Hydro Australia holds the AS: NZS ISO 9001:2008 certificate in addition to the AS: NZS 4801 and AHSAS 18001 certificates.

Turnkey, field service and 24/7 emergency response

Hydro Australia’s Field Service team has extensive knowledge of pumps from most major manufacturers and provides turnkey service, installation / start-up supervision, field machining, vibration analysis, laser alignment, pump system troubleshooting and emergency field response 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pump parts

When you require a part and are facing a long lead time, Hydro Australia can meet your needs in a reduced time frame through our reverse engineering, patternless casting and integrated manufacturing processes.

Hydro’s engineers review and evaluate all parts to offer important upgrades and apply new technologies that will reduce wear and improve reliability.

Pump testing – managing risk

We will ensure your pump will perform as required. Hydro’s 5000HP Performance Test Lab located in the US is compliant to API610 and Hydraulic Institute standards and can test horizontal, vertical and submersible pumps.


Hydro teaches practical solutions and troubleshooting techniques for common pump problems and offers specialised hands-on training programmes.