artemis navigator

Specifically designed to assist search-and-rescue and commercial divers on the seabed, Blueprint’s Artemis system is a handheld underwater computer solution that features a GPS navigation aid and target detection sonar device.

Artemis has also been specifically optimised for use by naval mine clearance and EOD Divers to relocate items of ordnance as an alternative to conducting a tactile or circular search around a known datum.

Typical uses are search and relocation:

  • Seabed infrastructure within the offshore oil and gas environment (for example pipelines, well heads, structures)
  • Unexploded ordnance by navy mine clearance divers, commercial EOD divers etc
  • Lost property, vehicles, aircraft, missing persons, wrecks by police or search and rescue divers
  • Seabed / lakebed antiquities by marine biologists, archaeologists, sports divers etc


For its target search and identification role the forward scanning sonar uses digital ‘CHIRP’ technology to provide a good balance of long-range initial detection, coupled with excellent short range detail, showing features on targets that can be recognised by the diver.

The information provided by the 90° field of view from the sonar is especially useful in poor visibility / darkness as the diver makes his final approach to an unknown or unidentified target.


For navigation and positioning, a small surface float containing a GPS receiver may be attached to Artemis.

Mission files can be created containing waypoints and markers that can help the diver navigate a search-pattern or efficiently swim to between locations.

The diver’s position, heading, depth and course history are shown on the Artemis display, with any selected mission marker. Additional points of interest may also be added during the dive and reviewed post-dive.


  • Artemis is intuitive and straightforward to use – the interface has been designed by divers for divers. The user can quickly interpret information presented via the simple menu interface and graphical display, and easily switch between sonar, navigation and other apps
  • Artemis is almost neutrally buoyant – the lanyard supplied can be attached to a D-Ring or other securing point on the diver, enabling the unit to hang free during descent / ascent when the diver may need to operate gas valves, or other life-support apparatus
  • Artemis is a self-contained system – the console is fitted with a 3.5in colour display and simple five-button interface. The battery pod is mounted below the unit allowing rechargeable battery-packs to be quickly swapped between dives

Mission and dive logs

Artemis Manager is a PC Windows software application (supplied with Artemis) that is used pre-dive to create Mission Files that configure the Artemis Console with navigation marker locations (waypoints, targets of interest etc) and post-dive to review data collected in dive-log files (including the sonar, and route taken by the diver, along with additional targets marked during the dive).