Annual upgrade plan (AUP) is a flexible support and upgrade package designed to meet the needs of users around the world.

With the nature of technological change, it is essential to keep all equipment and software up to date to maintain operational readiness. WADER‘s AUP meets this requirement with minimal impact on the user. AUP customers can be guaranteed assistance whenever or wherever they may be. The AUP provides users with:

Email and telephone support

Direct access to the author and quality control team for expert support in case of any questions or difficulties. User feedback is actively encouraged to help inform future upgrades.

Software upgrades

WADER is regularly upgraded to include new features and capabilities, often influenced by user requirements and inevitable technological changes. The AUP keeps customers up to date with these innovations.

The databases contained within WADER are created by world-leading institutions and upgraded regularly.  The AUP includes these database upgrades as part of the plan as and when new databases become available.

Recent upgrades

WADER is constantly being enhanced to improve performance, features and the user experience. The list below highlights some of the significant updates, which have been incorporated into recent versions of WADER and provided to customers as part of their AUP. This is not an exhaustive list but gives an indication as to what can be expected in future versions.

All updates are explained in an Update Log, which is provided as part of the user manual.

  • Upgraded multistatic sonar coverage prediction capability – up to 81 active and / or passive transducers, three transmitter depths, three receiver depths and four target depths
  • User-supplied DTSV profile data displayed on the Main Screen and used in PL calculations
  • New water column profile database (WOA 2018 Beta)
  • Re-designed Sonar Editor
  • Tablet mode
  • Near Global sediment dataset with visual charts
  • Exercise & Shipping Area Selector (ESAS) allows users to create and show their own operational areas
  • 3D seabed chart rendering tool with the option to overlay probability of detection, track, waypoints and best range data
  • Fully updated user manual

Purchasing AUPs

Inform OAD of your wish to purchase an AUP when ordering your WADER system. This will enable you to experience a seamless transition from the included support to the AUP support.

Upgrades will be sent to you as they are released.

Upgrading old licences is a simple process. Contact OAD who will provide you with a quotation. We can replace old dongles if necessary and the upgrade can either be downloaded from our website or sent via DVD. You will receive instructions on how to both install the upgrade and transfer existing user files where necessary.