Overall length of the 44-CD is 14.42m, and its top speed at full load is 57.5mph.

The vessel has a carbon fibre reinforced, all-composite construction, and its navionics include a chart polotter wide area augmentation system (WAAS) GPST, and a 4KW radar.

The 44-CD has shock-mitigating seating for four crew members, and has NIK Level IIA ballistic protection, as well as a weather-tight, forward-sliding cabin door.

It is design and built to class; RINAMIL Fast Patrol Vesseks, and has an integrated anchoring system, an exhaust muffler and sound insulation, alogn with sual remote-powered searchlights, fore, and aft flood lights.

The vessek also comes complete with a bowthruster with joystick control, and waterjet propulsion for enhanced shallow water capability.

Available options for the 44-CD include autopilot joystick steering, a diesel generator or 12 VDC inverter, an air-conditioned cabin, and surfaced drives propulsion for enhance performance. It can also come with a heavy-duty trailer, windlass with remote control, and NVIS compativle lighting, and night vision camera.