The 35-FCP comes with a captain’s cabin / cuddy cabin with ventilation, seating for 8 crew members, and dual remote-powered searchlights, fore, and aft flood lights.

It has carbon fibre reinforced all-composite construction, waterjet propulsion for enchanced shallow water capability, and its navionics include a chart plotter, wide area augmentation system (WAAS) GPS, and a 4KW radar.

The vessel is designed and built to class; RINAMIL Fast Patrol Vessels, and it provides high-performance direct injected common rail diesel power.

Overall length of the vessel is 10.67m, and its maximum speed at full load is 57.5mph.

Available options for the 35-FCP include Arneson surface drives for high performance, outboard power engines with transom bracket, joystick steering and bowthruster, and exhaust muffler and sound insulation.

It can also come with a heavy-duty trailer, night vision image sensor (NVIS) compatible lighting, an air-conditioned cabinn, and a diesel generator of 12 VDC inverter.