Digital transformation solutions provider VTG has commenced work on a three-year contract to support the US Navy’s Digital Integration Support Cell (DISC) programme.

The contract is part of the US Navy’s effort to ‘integrate data and technology’ into all areas of naval operations. It is valued at $13m.

VTG noted that the contract was awarded to DELTA Constellation, the company’s joint venture (JV) with Constellation Software Engineering, under the DoD Information Analysis Center’s (IAC) multiple-award contract (MAC) vehicle.

VTG president and CEO John Hassoun said: “Our team is honoured and immensely proud to be the navy’s partner-of-choice for this critical mission.

“The Naval Operational Architecture is foundational to achieving Distributed Maritime Operations and maintaining our competitive advantage at sea.

“We welcome the opportunity to leverage our growing digital expertise to support the DISC, especially in model-based systems engineering and DevSecOps.”

Under the contract, VTG will support the DISC programme by providing services such as research, operational analysis, specialised engineering, and digital platform development.

These services will be provided for Navy and Marine Corps MBSE, and DevSecOps.

Developing objective architectures, standards, and processes for integrated naval capability, decision tools, MBSE, digital pilots, as well as artificial intelligence through coordinated experiments with the fleet, are also included in the work scope.

VTG chief growth officer Sunil Ramchand said: “VTG will continue to make investments in capabilities and technologies that give our customers a competitive edge.

“The navy is already leveraging the VTG Battle Lab to develop the future state of the Naval Operational Architecture and optimise interoperability across the fleet.”