Vestdavit to supply fast rescue boat davit systems for French POM vessels
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Vestdavit to supply fast rescue boat davit systems for French POM vessels

30 Oct 2020 (Last Updated October 30th, 2020 15:48)

Vestdavit has received a contract from the shipbuilder Socarenam for the delivery of its PLD-5000 fast rescue boat davit systems.

Vestdavit to supply fast rescue boat davit systems for French POM vessels
The POM vessels of the French Navy will protect the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of France. Credit: Vestdavit.

Vestdavit has received a contract from the shipbuilder Socarenam for the delivery of its PLD-5000 fast rescue boat davit systems.

The systems will be deployed to the six diesel-electric patrouilleurs d’outre-mer (POM) vessels being constructed for the French Navy.

The POM vessels are expected to be delivered between 2022 and 2025 and homeported in pairs to New Caledonia, Réunion Island and French Polynesia.

The diesel-electric vessels will be equipped with one PLD-5000 fast rescue boat davit system for fast launch and rescue operations.

Vestdavit area sales manager Redouane Lahsen said: “Because France’s EEZ is so widely distributed, the navy’s POM vessels are built for varying and unpredictable conditions, and their davits need to match this level of flexibility.

“The PLD-5000 fast-rescue davit comes equipped with an adjustable and detachable docking head, making it one of the most flexible boat-handling systems on the market.”

He added that the A-frame, single-point solution was designed to aid the launch and recovery of larger boats that weigh up to five tonnes.

The automated painter boom on the vessel will permit the safe handling up to sea state 5.

The crew and the craft benefit from additional safety and comfort due to the guiding arms, shock absorbers, and wave-compensating winch system, added Lahsen.

Vestdavit MD Rolf Andreas Wigand said: “In 2013, Socarenam identified us as a reliable partner that could deliver high-quality products and outstanding technical support.

“Since then, we have strengthened our position as the preferred davit supplier for some of the world’s most important navies, including the French Navy, with whom we are honoured to be working on another significant project.”

In January last year, French Equipment manufacturer CNIM received a contract to build and deliver 14 new standard amphibious landing craft (EDA-S) to the French Navy.