The US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) has successfully completed participation in the French exercise POLARIS 21.

The multilateral, cross-domain exercise POLARIS involves the participation of a 6,000-strong workforce, 65 aircraft and over 20 ships from across the Nato alliance.

According to the US Navy, the French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle served as the high value unit at the centre of the simulated allied forces.

Landing Helicopter Dock Tonnerre, Destroyer Alsace, Provence, Aquitaine, Auvergne, Fregate Aconit, Forbin, Auxiliary ship Marne and other French ships, as well as French Army and French Air Forces units are the participating units in the exercise.

Porter plans and tactics officer (PTO) lieutenant commander Casey DeSormier said: “This event was not simply for capturing a good picture.

“French Maritime Forces hosted a highly organized and thoughtfully planned war at sea exercise that challenged Porter’s combat team across multiple domains and proved that as NATO allies, we are ready for high-intensity, high-end conflict today.”

NATO allies participating in the exercise included Hellenic Navy ship HS Adrias, Italian destroyer ITS Carlo Bergamini, Spain’s SPS Méndez Nuñez destroyer, and Spanish Auxiliary ship Cantabria and British destroyer HMS Dragon.

USS Porter joined operations in POLARIS exercise on 23 November.

French Liaison Naval Officer aboard Porter lieutenant Benjamin Frutos said: “This is the first time the French Navy has planned an exercise like this one to prepare ourselves and French Sailors to work with our allies in cooperation and to be ready to fight in high intensity.”