USS Louisiana (SSBN 743) has finished an engineered refuelling overhaul (ERO) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF) in Washington.

This is claimed to be the last-ever scheduled ERO undertaken for an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine.

Covering over 870,000 resource days of work during the 40-month availability period, this Louisiana project was the biggest repair package undertaken in ERO history and was completed on 21 February.

The shipyard’s project superintendent Ken Rogers Jr said: “The Louisiana ERO was tasked to complete 120,000 more resource days of work than the USS Nebraska (SSBN 739) ERO and 150,000 more resource days of work than the USS Maine (SSBN 741) ERO.

“Additionally, the length of Louisiana’s ERO was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and unexpected new work items that included an unprecedented repair to a communication system.”

Besides the refuelling work, the total project team of PSNS & IMF workers, ship’s force, and contractors overhauled or replaced key components within the submarine, upgraded its electronic systems, configured living spaces for enlisted women, and carried out routine inspections and repairs throughout the vessel.

Besides being the 18th and last submarine of the Ohio-class of ballistic submarines (SSBNs), USS Lousiana (SSBN 743) is the fourth navy ship in the US to carry this name.

Its keel was laid on in October 1992 and was named in July 1996.

The vessel was commissioned in September 1997 at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Georgia, US.

Initially assigned to Kings Bay, the vessel shifted her homeport in October 2005 to Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Washington.