The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is set to construct a new wargaming centre to visualise threats, increase competitive advantage, and simulate future operating environments.

Construction of the Wargaming and Analysis Center is expected to commence in the next fiscal year. Its design aims to use modern simulation technology to boost the wargaming experience for marines.

Upon completion, the facility will enable well-equipped and well-trained marines, in addition to improved decision-making on the battlefield.

It is spread over an area of 100,000ft² and located at a Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia.

USMC’s new facility will host more than 12 dozen war games annually, including two large-scale exercises for 250 people. The simulation will provide a realistic interpretation of the future operating environment.

The wargaming centre, after establishment, will feature auditoriums, game rooms, conference rooms, and other spaces to wargaming needs.

Marine Corps Systems Command is collaborating with CD&I, MCWL and industry to construct the facility and obtain the necessary capabilities.

The capabilities of the centre will allow users to identify problems, consider goals, define scope, and analyse problems.

The wargames will offer data and analysis to help make decisions that impact force development, force management, system functions, and service functions.

USMC Combat Development and Integration deputy commandant Lt Gen Eric Smith said: “In order to stay ahead of peer competitors, it is vital that the Marine Corps conduct constant wargames.

“The data that comes from such wargames enables us to more rapidly determine which capabilities we will need for future fights.

“A wargaming center at Quantico ensures that these wargames take place at the home of Combat Development, the Warfighting Laboratory, Marine Corps University and our Acquisitions Command, and ensures that this purpose-built facility is easily accessible for all those in the National Capitol Region who similarly need this capability.”