The US Marine Corps’ (USMC) Programme Executive Office Land Systems (PEO LS) is delivering new installation-counter small uncrewed aircraft systems (I-CsUAS).

This system is designed to detect, identify, track and defeat small UAS.

It will ensure that Marines and security forces are capable to defend installations against enemy sUAS.

The I-CsUAS features an integrated system capable of performing all the phases necessary to counter small UAS, including commercially available drones.

PEO LS Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) programme manager fixed site project officer major Kyle Yakopovich said: “I-CsUAS is intended to defeat commercial-off-the-shelf Group 1 and Group 2 UAS.

“What makes this system interesting is it fuses multiple modalities together into a single system.”

According to Yakopovich, the USMC had radars, cameras and RF detection capability to monitor threats.

However, he asserted, that the traditional techniques are time-, training- and manpower-intensive, unlike the I-CsUAS, which can automatically alert the user if suspicious activity is determined.

The I-CsUAS capability allows Marines to disrupt the communication link for an intruder sUAS.

This will further allow the Marines operating Long Range Sentry Tower (LRST)-42 or LSTR-82 tower to determine the point of origin of sUAS.

GBAD PM fixed site product manager Jessica McCauley said: “The USMC is planning to use this technology to defend critical assets.

“We are delivering system to select installations, providing them ability to conduct that kill chain in order to protect critical assets against small UAS.

“We are utilising a contract through the Combat Development and Integration (CD&I) office to provide counter UAS as a service.”