Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility in the US has increased Covid-19 screening and stationed volunteers, managers and supervisors at all gates into the Controlled Industrial Area.

The teams are wearing personal protective equipment and are asking employees entering through the gates if they have completed their daily Covid-19 self-assessment.

One of the team members staffing the gates is questioning employees who indicate that they have not completed their self-assessment before coming to work.

Individuals who decline to answer the questions will not get access to the CIA.

Code 700 lifting and handling director Scott Elliot said: “Those who are turned away are given information as to why they were denied entry, and are instructed to contact their supervisor. Individuals are also given an option to be further screened at the Naval Hospital.”

The back-up screening effort is expected to continue at all open gates throughout the day. Due to the staffing needed, Decatur Gate and Burwell Turnstiles will be open only during certain timings.

All other turnstiles will be open for exiting the shipyard 24/7.

PSNS & IMF has asked all employees to complete Covid-19 self-assessments before coming to work since mid-March this year.

With the added gate screening measure, the shipyard ensures that all employees are partaking in self-assessments.

Code 106 Environment, Safety and Health director Mark Johnson said: “The safety and wellbeing of every employee is the top priority of this command, and the navy.

“We are continually breaking new ground and covering new territory with regard to safety.”