The US Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) has delivered a new command and control (C2) kit, called Expeditionary Cary-On (ExCON) system.

It was handed over to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Expeditionary Support Unit Two (EODESU2).

NSWC PCD personnel from various specialised areas, such as software, hardware, networks, tests, logistics and fielding coordinators worked together to deliver the systems.

ExCON is an on-the-move, roll-on-roll-off, rapidly deployable, small form factor system. It is compatible with any vessel of opportunity.

The new system has been delivered to fulfil EODESU2’s requirements for a man-packable, lightweight communications to support operations in expeditionary and amphibious environments.

NSWC PCD communications support activity lead Chiyan Ng said: “It supports an agnostic transport capability which enables deployed tactical users to access Department of Defence (DoD) information network services across commercial internet using transport paths such as hotel Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and broadband global area networks and any internet service provider.

“It provides Secure Internet Protocol Router network (SIPRnet), Non-classified Internet Protocol Router network (NIPRNet), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Voice over SIPRnet and video teleconferencing services.”

After delivering the system, NSWC PCD fielding team conducted three different phases of installation.

It involved system operational verification tests, ExCON systems installation and training, conducted during the last week of delivery.

The C2 kit, including ExCON Systems 14 and 15, are part of Joint and Expeditionary Command and Control (JEXC2) Family of Systems (FoS), consisting of infrastructure, information technology and communications equipment.

Furthermore, the systems are developed to meet the needs of the Shore and Expeditionary Integration Programme Office (PMW 790), within the Programme Executive Office C2, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I).