The US Navy’s new Virginia-class nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine, Montana (SSN 794), has successfully completed its alpha sea trials.

The announcement was made by Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Newport News Shipbuilding Division via Linkedin.

The trials are carried out to evaluate the vessel’s propulsion plant while performing high-speed manoeuvres on the surface and under water. It also represents the submarine’s first underway period.

Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding Division president Jennifer Boykin said: “I am happy to report the Virginia-class submarine Montana (#SSN794) has successfully completed alpha sea trials.

“The sea trials team, comprised of shipbuilders, Montana crew and navy leadership, rides the submarine with full confidence in the quality of our work. They trust our 136-year standard of ‘Always Good Ships’, a standard that we have the privilege of continuing on every submarine and aircraft carrier we design, build and maintain.

“Thank you to all shipbuilders whose quality work has helped us reach these important milestones.”

Christened in 2020, Montana is the second US Navy vessel bearing the state’s name.

The 7,800t submarine is being built under a teaming agreement between the Newport News Shipbuilding and General Dynamics Electric Boat.

Construction of the vessel started in 2015 and was launched into the James River in March 2021.

The US Navy’s Virginia-class submarines are being built to replace the Los Angeles-class vessels.

The boats are designed to support several missions and are equipped with latest technologies to offer increase firepower, manoeuvrability, and stealth. They can remain submerged for months at a time and cruise at speeds of more than 25k.