The US Navy has announced that explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians assigned to explosive ordnance disposal mobile unit (EODMU) 8 have carried out EOD and mine counter measure (MCM) operations.

The MCM operations have been conducted with Romanian EOD and Turkish unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) units as part of Exercise Poseidon 21 conducted in Romania on 5 March.

The exercises, held in the Black Sea, were organised by the Romanian Naval Forces (FNR).

Poseidon 21 is part of Nato’s ‘Program of Combined Joint Enhanced Training’, which is aimed at enhancing security between nations.

Anti-terrorism force protection training and Romanian Marine Force integration are the other scenarios the exercise is focussing on. ​

The exercise witnessed the joint forces conducting ten SCUBA dives for 87 minutes of bottom time to a maximum depth of 30ft² of water.

US Navy said in a statement: “Participation in Exercise Poseidon 21 strengthened enduring Nato EOD partnerships while enhancing MCM tactics, techniques, and procedures.

“It also enabled greater understanding of allied underwater MCM technology and demonstrated that multinational forces are engaged, postured, and ready to assure, deter, and defend in the Black Sea.”

US Sixth Fleet conducts the full spectrum of joint and naval operations, frequently with allied and interagency partners. It is headquartered in Naples, Italy.

Naval operations conducted by this fleet are aimed at advancing US national interests and promote security in Europe and Africa.​