The US Navy security forces have successfully concluded the annual anti-terrorism and force protection exercise, Citadel Pacific 2019 (CP-19).

CP-19 was held from 24-28 June. The exercise was intended to enhance the training, readiness and capability of the forces.

CP-19 is the eighth iteration of the exercise. It is conducted by US Pacific Fleet (PACFLT) and Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) and involved the participation of Navy installations in the Pacific region.

Naval Base Guam (NBG) members and security forces also participated in the training exercise to improve their ability to respond to acts of terrorism.

CP-19 served as a platform for NBG’s security personnel and reserve and auxiliary forces to sharpen their integrated capabilities.

The exercise involved simulated, real-world training operations to assess the preparedness of the base community during acts of terrorism.

NBG Installation Training Officer Dennis Polli stressed on the need to enhance the capability to respond efficiently and effectively in spontaneous emergency situations.

Polli said: “The hope and goal is to make sure that our young sailors are exposed to events and responses that hone their skills in the future, so the first time they see it isn’t the first time they’ve seen it; that their neurological response and their thought processes will be engaged to understand and comprehend circumstances if ever, hopefully never, encountered.”

NBG Security Forces Police Instructor lieutenant Henry Flores stated that the exercise also enabled base forces to identify deficiencies in training and gaps in security posture, and to streamline response procedures during emergencies.

Flores said: “(CP-19) helps us become better force protection, especially when it comes to safeguarding people (and) assets because NBG is a very strategic location when it comes to Navy operations within the AOR [area of responsibility].

“All CP-19 is…is getting better at what we do and making sure we stay mission-ready, and we develop warfighters that can help defend the installation, as well as the island of Guam, against potential threats within the Pacific region.”