A nuclear-powered US Navy submarine has collided with an object while submerged in the international waters in the Indo Pacific region on 2 October.

According to the US Navy, its Seawolf-class fast-attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) is currently in a safe and stable condition.

Although there are no life-threatening injuries, 11 sailors have been injured, with two having suffered moderate injuries and the others with minor bruises.

The injured sailors were treated in the submarine.

In a brief statement released on 7 October, the US Pacific Fleet said that the USS Connecticut is still completely operational, and its nuclear propulsion plant has not impacted.

It further added: “The extent of damage to the remainder of the submarine is being assessed.”

An investigation on the incident will be conducted.

According to media reports, the collision happened in the South China Sea.

The incident comes after the aircraft carriers of the US and the UK along with Japan, Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand undertook military exercises north of Taiwan.

According to the US officials, the attack submarine is heading toward the port at Guam.

It is not clear yet what object collided with the submarine; however, the US officials believe it was not a submarine.

The 107m USS Connecticut carries over 100 personnel.

In 2005, USS San Francisco submarine hit a seamount near Guam while travelling at full speed, injuring 24 sailors and killing one.