The US Navy has named the first ship in the new guided missile frigate (FFG(X)) class as USS Constellation (FFG 62).

Announced by Secretary of the Navy Kenneth J Braithwaite, the name honours the first US Navy ships authorised by the US Congress in 1794.

Accordingly, the FFG(X) ships, notional designation of the multi-mission guided-missile frigates, will now be known as Constellation-class frigates.

Secretary Braithwaite said: “As the first in her class, these ships will now be known as the Constellation-class frigates, linking them directly to the original six frigates of our navy, carrying on the traditions of our great service which have been passed down from generation to generation of sailors.

“While providing an unmatched capability and survivability for the 21st Century, Constellation Class Frigates will honour our navy’s historic beginnings as we continue to operate around the world in today’s era of great power competition.”

These new class of frigates will be equipped with an Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar (EASR), Mk 41 Vertical Launching System, and Baseline 10 (BL 10) Aegis Combat System.

They will be capable of operating independently or as part of a strike group.

The latest ship will the sixth US Navy vessel to be named Constellation.

Constellation-class Frigates will be developed at Marinette Marine in Wisconsin. The first ship is slated to be delivered in 2026.