The US Naval Aviation Training Systems and Ranges Program Office (PMA-205) has installed two E-2D Distributed Readiness Trainers (D-DRT).

The D-DRT are touch screen training devices designed for naval aviators to improve and maintain combat readiness and effectiveness.

When compared to legacy trainers, the low-cost maintenance training systems offer reduced lifecycle costs and improved reliability.

The E2-D Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 125 (VAW-125) aircrew has already completed a two-week readiness training on the D-DRT devices.

The D-DRT devices were installed and made available for training for the squadron upon their return from deployment. 

The PMA-205 team provided instructions and hands-on training to the aircrew for operating the devices.

PMA-205 programme manager Lisa Sullivan said: “The event provided VAW-125 an increased level of combat readiness and the ability to maintain combat effectiveness without costly travel to traditional training locations.”

The medium fidelity trainers feature a E-2D weapons system mock-up, which makes it operationally faster than the higher fidelity trainers. 

The trainers can accommodate five crewmember aircraft and an E-2D element of two for conducting a particular training scenario.

Simultaneously, the devices can also execute several techniques, tactics, and procedures.  

PMA-205 training systems integrated product team lead David Adams said: “Our ability to cycle through reps and sets of advanced tactics, techniques and procedures in a short amount of time will make the war fighter more lethal at a much lower cost to the taxpayer.”

Besides, the PMA-205 team also developed a Normobaric Hypoxia Trainer (NHT) system, to provide improved hypoxia training to the US Navy’s aircrew.