BAE Systems has secured a contract to provide identification friend-or-foe (IFF) spares for the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye carrier-capable tactical aircraft.

Under the $26m contract awarded by the US Navy, BAE Systems will provide Beamforming Networks (BFNs) to deliver situational awareness for the service’s warfighters.

BFN is a fundamental part of antenna control for the AN/APX-122A IFF Interrogator system, aboard the E-2D Hawkeye aircraft.

According to the company, the AN/APX-122A is the IFF interrogator system for the next-generation carrier-based airborne early warning system.

Produced exclusively for the E-2D, the interrogator system delivers E-2D Advanced Hawkeye operators with situational awareness that is required for safely completing missions.

These missions include command and control, border security, search and rescue, as well as missile defence.

BAE Systems tactical systems director Donna Linke-Klein said: “These sets will provide situational awareness and early warning for US Navy sailors and warfighters.

“The Advanced Hawkeye is essential for battle management command and control, and our interrogator systems enable operators to identify friendly forces and make informed decisions in a variety of threat environments.”

BAE Systems claims that its IFF identification systems provide key insights that minimise friendly fire incidents, support mission success, and save lives in confined environments.

The company delivered more than 14,000 transponders, 6,000 combined interrogator transponder systems, and 1,500 interrogators for multiple platforms.

In July 2018, BAE Systems delivered the 150th OE-120 IFF antenna to the US Navy, which has been designed to allow sailors to accurately identify friendly aircraft and vessels.