The US Navy commissioned its new shore installation, Naval Support Facility (NSF) Redzikowo, Poland, on 3 September.

The ceremony marked the turnover of the support facilities to the US Navy from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

In 2016, NSF Redzikowo was established as the first US installation in Poland.

Redzikowo will become the second operational site for the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System (AAMDS), which is part of the contribution of the US to Nato ballistic missile defence.

The Redzikowo AAMDS base is under construction and is expected to begin operations before 2022.

Navy Region Europe, Africa, Central (EURAFCENT) commander Rear Admiral Scott Gray said: “In the years to come, Redzikowo will play a critical role in the defence of Europe, as an important operational asset.

“And in the navy’s tradition, this is why we chose not to simply dedicate this installation, but to commission it, to man our ‘ship’ and bring it to life.”

NSF Redzikowo now features offices and multi-purpose facility (MPF) with residential and catering facilities, along with security and public works buildings, general warehouse, fire stations, and sports facilities.

NSF Redzikowo is located at a former military and civilian airfield, which is 225 miles from Warsaw and will be operated along with the Polish Force Protection Battalion.

Sailors assigned to NSF Redzikowo and AAMDS Poland will carry out regular training with the Force Protection Battalion and local emergency services departments.

After its completion, NSF Redzikowo will become the second facility of the US Navy to employ Aegis Ashore.

The first was the NSF Deveselu in Romania, which was set up in October 2014.

In 2018, US Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) opened a new headquarters building for the Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) in Bahrain.